Applying Sum and Other Aggregations to Query Results

Coginiti lets you apply the aggregation functionality to any column when you want to populate the group row with values while using the Grouping feature. Aggregation functions have an array of different values that the application will aggregate into one unified value and then return it.

  1. To enable aggregation, go to the 'Values' section in the Columns tab displayed in the tool panel on the right from your results. Then drag and drop your values into this section, as shown below.


  1. To use aggregations, specify a group column. Next, left-click on a needed object, and you'll see the list of available actions.

Typically, it'll look like this:

  • Avg
  • Count
  • First
  • Last
  • Max
  • Min
  • Sum



  1. Again, a reminder that aggregations will only work if you've filtered the values. In case a filter has removed some rows from a group, Coginiti will recalculate the aggregation for this group, strictly considering rows that remained after filtering.


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