Edit a Cell Value

In Coginiti, you can edit the cell values of your query results or a file directly from the grid. It can be handy before saving, exporting, or simply analyzing your data.

How to edit a cell value

  1. Right-click a cell
  2. Type a new value.

See how it works:


🔎 NOTE: There are several options to enable editor mode:

  • select the Edit Cell context menu item
  • press F2
  • press Enter

In addition, it's possible to define a keyboard shortcut suitable for you. To do this, go to Coginiti top menu -> Keybindings..., search for the Edit Cell keybindings, double click on it and set key combination.

🔎 NOTE: To undo an action, press Command+Z (Mac) / Ctrl+Z (Windows). To redo an undone action, press Command+Y (Mac) / Ctrl+Y (Windows).

After setting a new value, always check the data type. Otherwise, as in the example below, you will see a "NaN" (Not a Number). If you delete a value, it will become a "null." 


Note that the cell turns green after editing, so you will know which one was changed.

If you want to see the original values, rerun the same query (for query results) or click the Reload Data button (for a file). But in case you want to save the edited results, use the Save to Table functionality. 

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