Pivoting Query Results

Pivoting option allows you to turn columns values and into columns themselves. The thing to remember here is that the Pivot Mode only works when it's mixed with aggregation. So, if you want to turn your usual column into a pivot one, Coginiti requires having at least one active aggregation (value). Otherwise, the configuration won't make sense.

As an example, you can pivot your results by country, but you have to provide the value of something you want to measure for that to happen. It can be anything of your choice, like aggregation such as 'Country population' or 'Olympic medalists per country.'

  1. To start pivoting, enable the Pivot Mode in the tool panel on the right from your results.


  1. After you turn on the pivoting feature, Coginiti will do the following with your Results Grid:
  • Include in the grid only columns with Pivot, Group, or Value active
  • Show only the aggregated rows without displaying the lowest level rowData
  1. When the Pivot Mode is off, don't try to add or remove pivot columns. It'll be just a waste of time.



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