Saving Data to Table

In Coginiti, you can save to a table the queries you run in the Query Editor and also the contents of files opened in the grid. Our Save to Table feature gives extensive possibilities to use your data in the future.

How to Save Data to a Table

  1. Click Save to Table
  2. Enter meaningful information
  3. Save it.


🔎 TIP:  to find the table you just saved, check the Notifications panel or refresh your Schema.



How It Works

  1. Query Results or Files 

You can save a table to reuse it with data from your query results or a file you opened in the grid.

  1. Edit the Cells

If you need to edit the cells, use the Edit Cells function in the Results Grid. The new values will be kept when you use the Save to a Table function. However, note that your data manipulations on the Results Grid won't be saved.

  1. Edit the Data Type, Precision, Scale, and Column name

If you need to change the data type, precision, scale, and column name, you can do it before saving to a table on the grid attached to the Save to Table wizard. It means you don't need to rename or cast columns to a different type when querying a table's data. 

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