Exporting Data to Excel

We design our application to help you achieve maximum efficiency in handling your analytics. So, our team developed this feature to simplify the way of processing data you get in the Results Grid.

  1. When you need to download your results, left-click on the Export menu tab and select the Export to XLSX option. Aginity will automatically download a file with your data.


  1. Keep in mind that the Excel export feature will export your grid precisely in its current rendering state. It means the downloaded spreadsheet will match what you see in the Results Grid while you're exporting—copying all the sorting, grouping, filtering, columns visibility, and other settings applied.
  2. If you want to export a particular data set, select the needed cell or several ones and right-click on them directly in the results panel. Coginiti will display a context menu where you should then hit the Export to XLSX option, as shown below. This way, an Excel file will contain only the chosen data.





🔎Note: If you want the thousands delimiters set in the Settings to be applied when exporting query results, select the 'Use the specified delimiters when exporting to a file' checkbox.

Settings query executin.png


Otherwise, numeric values will be exported without the thousands separator.

settings query execution 2.png


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