Connecting to Yellowbrick

  1. Select ‘Yellowbrick’ item from the dropdown:

  2. Populate the connection properties on the ‘Connections’ screen:
    2.1. Fill in the ‘Connection name’ field
    2.2. Create JDBC driver and download driver files:
              on the ‘Connections’ screen: click the ‘download them’ link
              on the ‘JDBC Drivers’ screen:
                   - select ‘Yellowbrick’ item from the dropdown:

                   - select the driver version to download, and then click the ‘Create driver’ button:

    🔎 NOTE: If you are experiencing issues or have special needs, get the necessary JDBC driver files from your DB vendor or from the public Maven repository and use the 'Custom JDBC driver' option:

                   - select created driver from the ‘Database JDBC driver’ dropdown on the ‘Connections’ screen:

    2.3. Populate other connection properties with valid data
    2.4. Click the 'Test' button to ensure that the connection is successful
    2.5. Save created connection
  3. Create database objects and review them in the ‘Database Explorer’ and ‘Discovery’ panels:
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