How to Setup SSH Tunnel with Coginiti Pro

We get asked if Coginiti Pro supports connectivity to databases via a SSH tunnel.  Although we don't explicitly support that connection type natively in the software you can use Coginiti Pro through a SSH tunnel by following these directions.

For example, to connect to a PostgreSQL database running on a remote server you will have to do the following:

1. In a terminal window on your local machine, type: 

ssh -L 33333:localhost:5432 

33333 is the local port. It can be any free TCP port.
5432 is the port of remote host the database server is listening on. is the hostname or IP address of your database server.

2. Create a connection to your database server in Coginiti Pro using localhost and port 33333 in connection settings.


You should not close your SSH terminal session while you are working in Coginiti Pro as your SSH tunnel should be open.

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