Coginiti Pro Licensing Portal FAQs


Does Coginiti support multiple devices per user? 

Yes, Coginiti allows up to 3 devices to be used per user.  However, since license keys are unique per user/device combination, each user/device combination must receive its own paid license key. 


How do I handle a multi-device user within the licensing portal?

Multi-device setup is supported for Enterprise portal setup clients.  Once a user registers a second or third device, they will be automatically added to the portal.  You will see all of their device licenses under their user account. 

Multi-device setup will be addressed with a future enhancement for Department portal setup clients.  The Coginiti team has developed a workaround to help address this need in the interim. Please contact your Coginiti Customer Success representative at for additional assistance with multi-device support in Department setup portals.  


How do I enable the Enterprise client setup of the licensing portal?

An Coginiti team member will help enable the Enterprise client setup.  Please contact your Coginiti Customer Success representative at for additional assistance.


Why do I only see a user's InstallationID when I try to add them and not all other user related details?

If you are adding a user with an email address outside of your company's email domain, you may only see the user's installation ID and no further sensitive user information.  This is most commonly applicable when adding outside consultants or partners your company works with.  

If an additional email domain should be added to your portal setup, please contact


Why is my user's information and installation ID not showing up when I try to add them?

The user you are trying to add may have not yet installed the application.  Before adding a user to the portal, a user must install the Aginity Pro application either individually or by your IT organization.  Check that the user has installed the application and registered with the email address you are using to add them.


What does the 'Status' field show?  When does it move from offline to online?

The status field indicates a user is actively using the Coginiti Pro application.  It is switched from ‘offline’ to ‘online’ when activity is recorded for that user (for example, a query is executed).  


Do I need to copy and paste the newly issued license key into my Coginiti Pro each time a new one is issued?

In most cases, the new license is applied automatically upon a user’s next login.  They should not have to take any further action unless they are in an air gapped environment, meaning Aginity cannot connect directly with their application to apply the key automatically.  In this case, a user can use the email to manually register by navigating to Help > Register within the application.


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