Upgrade Process for Coginiti Pro

Coginiti Pro comes in the following key installer packages (more information on how to download and install Coginiti Pro using these installers is available on our support site):

  • Exe (Windows) and Dmg (MacOS) - our standard installers and come with auto-upgrade feature. This installer works best for users that have admin access to their computers. 90% of our clients / users use these installers.
  • MSI (Windows) - our special, not publicly available corporate installer, that is best suited for users that do not have admin access to their computers. These installers come without auto-upgrade feature and therefore the users rely on an IT admin pushing through an upgrade through a centralized process.


In rare cases when a user is facing an issue with the software upgrade process, it is important not to try and revert the application back to an older version. Coginiti Pro does not support roll-back behavior and the whole installation will be irreversibly corrupted.


If you have any issues with your upgrade process, please contact support@coginiti.co and we will be happy to help.


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