Coginiti Pro Licensing Portal Overview


The licensing portal gives companies that purchase multiple Coginiti Pro licenses the ability to easily manage and distribute paid keys to their users. 

Licensing at Coginiti

At Aginity, licenses are issued for an individual user / device combination meaning that 

  • License keys are unique and cannot be shared across multiple users
  • License keys cannot be transferred to a new device, though a new key can be generated in the portal to replace a new device (see how in the Replace a Device section below)
  • License keys have an expiration date and a new key has to be obtained upon license expiration
    • Your Aginity account team will work with you to automatically distribute new keys upon renewal
  • Though each key must be unique per device, Coginiti does allow up to 3 devices to be registered under each user (see how this is handled in the Multi-Device Support section below) 

License Key Prerequisites

Users are required to have gone through the installation process in order to obtain a valid license key.  The installation process generates an Installation ID which is required to create a license key. 

This MUST happen in order to add a user in the portal. 


Portal Setup Options

Aginity licensing portal supports two different types customer use cases / configurations:


  1. Department Setup
    • In this use case, licenses have been purchased for a subset of Coginiti Pro users at your organization (i.e. specific teams or departments at your company)
    • Requires an active Admin Role - License Admin manually adds and manages changes to users in the portal
    • Recommended when:
      • A customer has multiple departments or teams using Aginity Pro and each group is managing their license purchasing budget separately 
      • A customer needs or wants tighter controls over license distribution to their users
  2. Enterprise Setup
    • In this use case, licenses have been purchased for every Coginiti Pro user in your organization regardless of their department or team
    • Requires a passive Admin Role – Users are automatically added to the portal based on your email domain. The License Admin takes action when all seats have been filled to either purchase new licenses or redistribute usage.
    • Recommended when:
      • A customer has purchased enough licenses for all Coginiti Pro users within their organization
      • A department or team is truly the only subset of users in their organization using Coginiti Pro
  • By default Coginiti will configure your portal with the Department setup, unless otherwise discussed with one of our Sales or Customer Success team members.  


Adding Users to the Portal 

Users must first install and register Coginiti Pro in order to add them to the licensing portal.  When a user is added to the portal, they will receive an email with their paid license key to apply to their application. 

Department Setup 

With the department setup, an Admin will manually add each user.  

  • Click ‘Add User’


  • Add user’s email address
    • The licensing portal will automatically look up the user registered with this email and pre-fill the remaining fields, including the user's Installation ID 
    • The admin will then be able to edit user details, and if needed, confirm the InstallationID is correct
    • If there is an error finding the email, reach out to that user and ensure they have gone through the installation process and registered with the correct email address
    • Note: all fields are required to add the user



Enterprise Setup

  • During Licensing portal launch, Coginiti will configure the portal to automatically add users on your company’s behalf
    • Existing users who have registered Coginiti Pro most recently with your company’s email domain(s) will be automatically added to the portal first
    • As new users install Coginiti Pro, they will automatically be added to the portal
  • The ‘Auto Upload by Domain’ toggle can be used to turn off this automatic process
  • If needed, follow the steps from ‘Department setup’ slide to add a users manually


Receiving a License Key

Regardless of the portal setup type, when a new user is added to the licensing portal, a new license key is created. This new license key is Emailed directly to each user.

The email will look like this: 


At any time, the Licensing Admin can find and copy a user’s license key in the portal and send it to the user. 


Registering a License Key 

  • In most cases, the new license key from the portal is applied automatically upon a user’s next login
  • However, if a user is in an air gapped environment, meaning Aginity cannot connect directly with their application to apply the key automatically, a user can use the emailed license key to manually register by navigating to Help > Register within the application. 

Disabling a User

If a user leaves your company or they no longer need a paid license to Coginiti Pro, you can disable the user by simply selecting 'Disable'. 

  • Once the user opens Coginiti Pro again, their license key will be disabled
  • Upon disabling a user, you can use available seats for new users


Replacing a Device 

  • If a user got a new device, and therefore needs a new license key, you can accomplish this by clicking ‘Disable’ and then ‘Re-Enable’ and add their new license key


  • Important: When you select Re-Enable, you will be asked to add users new Installation ID.  Be sure to ask the end user for their latest Installation ID which can be found in the product at Coginiti Pro > About Coginiti Pro.


See the Licensing Portal FAQ article for further details

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