Query Autocomplete & Snippet Support

To make your Coginiti journey even easier, we've already implemented the cross-database autocomplete feature for several databases platforms. And we'll be extending this list over time.

  • The auto-complete functionality has three capabilities to help you navigate your SQL:
  1. Display any words from above your current cursor's position on the editor screen
  2. Display SQL syntax starting with SELECT, WHERE, FROM, and all the way to database platform-specific functions like CASE, DATEDIFF, or CURRENT_DATE()
  3. Display database, schema, table, column as you are typing


  • To enable cross-database autocomplete, type in your database/schema/object name. Remember to index the databases first (by opening them in the Database Object Tree).
  • To initiate just the database browser that shows database objects plus snippets, hit Ctrl+Space. Otherwise, as you type, if the autocomplete is supported for your database, it will automatically pop up.

Snippet support

You can also use some special snippets we've pre-wired within the editor to make writing SQL even simpler. Here are the snippets currently available in Coginiti:

Snippet Action
selall will generate generic SELECT FROM
selwh will generate generic SELECT FROM WHERE
upd will generate an UPDATE statement
ins will generate an INSERT statement
del will generate a DELETE statement
expf will generate a generic export to file statement


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