Data Upload Templates

Data Upload is a tool to help you take a local data file and through multiple paths (Bulk Upload or Data Insert) load the data to a platform of your choice.

The Data Upload Template feature will help you save time for data preparation by using repetitive upload tasks and reduce user errors through sharing of these templates.

To start using [Data Upload Template] go to the [Data Upload] menu as shown below.


On the first step of [Bulk Load Wizard] or [Data Insert Wizard], you would see the drop-down [Upload Template] where you can find a list of your saved Templates.


🔎 NOTE: Information about Bulk Load Wizard for Amazon Redshift and Snowflake


Creating Data Upload Template

You can manage [Data Upload Template] from two places: 

1. After filling all the data in the [Bulk Load Wizard]or [Data Insert Wizard] you can save it to the Template by clicking on the button [Save Template].


When you click on the [Save Template] you will see pop-up [New Catalog Item].


After saving you will see the current Template in the list of drop-down [Upload Template] on the first step. 


2. You can go to catalog and by right mouse clicking open menu with ability to create [New entry].


You need select type [Upload Template] for [Bulk Load] or [Data Insert Template] for [Data insert] and click [Create].


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