Debugging JDBC Connectivity Issues with Cogniti Pro or Team - Step 1

Coginiti Pro and Team include the ability to copy the full JDBC connection string.

This is helpful for debugging what may be missing or required in the advanced parameter section when setting up database connections.  

As always you should start with reading through our documentation on connecting to databases.

If you are still struggling the first thing we recommend is to look at the JDBC connection string as shown below.  You can copy the string with or without your sensitive login credentials.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 4.34.57 PM.png

When you select Copy connection string to clipboard and then paste it to an editor you will see the following.


This in coordination with your database administrator can now help you compare to the JDBC configuration guide of the database and determine what is missing.  For example, maybe your Redshift configuration requires the sslRootCert parameter to point to a specific "*.pem" file. 




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