Downloading Drivers


The first step in configuring a connection is to download the JDBC driver for the platform you will be using. due to security concerns as well as the risk of multiple users being on different drivers, only an admin can add drivers in Coginiti Premium. In most cases, we will provide access to the drivers who have been certified to work with Cogitni Premium. In some cases such as when the vendor does not allow us to distribute or you want to use a different version, you will have to manually add the JDBC driver.

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To get started, in the Edit or Add Connection box you will click on Edit Drivers as shown below


Automatic Download

As shown in the image below, if we are allowed to download drivers you will be provided a link to do so and then be presented with one or more drivers to use and you're done.


In some cases you may get an error message if your organization does not allow you to download drivers (jar files) typically supplied through a Maven repository.

In this case please review the section below Manually Add Drivers.

Manually Add Drivers

If you have to manually add a driver it starts with first acquiring the JDBC jar for that platform and saving it somewhere on your machine. Once you acquire the JDBC jar you can upload it to Coginiti Pro.


To do this you will hit the Edit Driver or Edit Drivers Panel section as shown above and you will be presented with the following screen.


You can name the Driver anything you want and provide a description.

The class name if not provided must be looked up typically in the JDBC reference manual from the platform vendor.

Finally if you click on the Add File button you will navigate to where you saved the Jar file and then click Save Changes. You are now ready to configure your connection.

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