Using Coginiti Catalog to Make Exporting to a File (via CoginitiScript) Even Easier


CoginitiScript is a powerful utility that over time will be used to expose a lot of powerful features in Coginiti Pro and Premium.  Currently, we have deployed the ability to use Coginiti Script to export data to files.  

This knowledge base article talks about making the export feature more useful when you use it in conjunction with the Coginiti Catalog.

Step by Step Approach

1.  Create two entries in your catalog to hold the code for exporting to files (before SQL query and after SQL query portions) as shown below.


2.  Here is an example where I’ve put this syntax in with the typical defaults I want to use. Using a $ parameter also means that it will prompt me to add a file name when I run this:


3.  When you have a query you want to export, just type “@{beg....” and it should find the catalog reference you need to insert before the query itself.


4.  Do the same with “@{end...}” after the query and you should end up with something like this in a couple keystrokes. When it runs, it will prompt you for a filename and spool out the results!




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