Using Local Files

With Coginiti's Local Files feature, you can easily manage and use your local file directory within the application. This enables you to open, edit, and save queries and files in one place.

How to Add Your Local File Directory

  1. Locate the Files tab on the left side
  2. Click "Open Folder" to add your local file directory
  3. Select the Folder you want to Add and confirm.


How to Open CSV and Parquet Files in the Result Grid

  1. Double-click on your CSV or Parquet file, and it will open in the Result Grid.

From there, you can run a query against the file and click Reload Data to run it. Then, make any necessary adjustments, and use the Save to Table feature to save your changes.

Note that if you have a SQL file, you can also double-click to use it in the Code Editor.

How to Refresh Your Local Files

To reflect any recent changes you made in your folder from your computer, simply refresh the folders and files displayed under Local Files by clicking the refresh button .

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