In Coginiti, you can comment and reply about a code line saved in your catalogs. Comments facilitate collaboration between developers without relying on in-person meetings or lengthy explanations.

Here's what you can do:

Comment and Reply

  1. Select a code line to see the comment icon on the left side
  2. Click to create a comment.

You can mention your colleagues using a @, but please keep in mind that the person needs permission to access the catalog. After sending a comment, the person you mentioned will receive a notification on the Notifications panel.


Edit and Remove

If you need to, you can edit a message you wrote or remove a comment that you don't need anymore. 

View Comments

You can visualize all comments and details on catalog entries if you have an Owner, Co-owner, Editor, or Viewer access level. All comments are shared within the team to help you debug or update a code.

Besides that, you can unselect the "hide highlights" to ensure you don't get distracted by comments. 

Mark Comments as "Resolved"

As comments are usually issues or questions, it's possible to select the checkmark on the right side and mark a comment as "Resolved".

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